Experience a sound that addresses your true feelings. Your joys, your pains, and your sorrows in an eclectic blend of alternative rock and rap!

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Matrixx of Domination - Chie & Crys
  • KaLuv - "I like what U ladies are doing with your music! Thinking & acting outside the box... Not afraid 2 do what U enjoy doing... Keep it coming... Ask them again "What Yall Wanna Do"..."
  • D. Gomaram - "You guys are awesome. I love you. "
  • CATES - "Listening to Release this!! Sounds great, check it out everybody!!"

When was the last time you peeled your ears back for a female rock group? In fact, not only are there very few female rock groups, but there is a cookie cutter standard for women in the industry. Individuality and creativity have taken a back seat to money and industry-defined standards and images.

But what happens when on the scene appears a group that cannot be defined or detained, embodying shear musical talent and ability? Matrixx of Domination, whose musical sound would mostly closely be associated with alternative rock, is poised to refresh the music industry by bringing uniqueness, originality and true vision back to music.

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